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What can Orbital do
for you and your company?

Our way of working was shaped to be as versatile as possible. Thus, we managed to encompass all the problems in a solution designed for each case.

Basically, our work is divided into four services:



If your demands are complementary to the company's business, we'll help solve your problems!

To improve the response time to small problems that usually arise, having a support and maintenance contract with our projects area will give the company more security, as it will be able to count on professionals to resolve issues such as:

  • Development of an internal system or virtual stores to boost processes
  • Creation of institutional websites and devices with data intelligence
  • Creating a prototype to test products
  • Creation of metrics map to monitor website performance
  • Analysis of a conversion form that isn't working
  • Changing some static content across platforms
  • Configuration of Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Optimize or various tags
  • Creation of specific product landing pages
  • Experience study for creating pages focused on performance (conversion)
  • SEO analysis to improve the positioning of websites in organic search
  • Create and operate data management structure (big data)

Among other issues that may be very important in your company's day-to-day.

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Orbital is pleased to be able to help with out-of-the-box thinking!

You know that digital transformation? This cannot be just for a moment. It needs to be always. Innovation needs to be part of the business.

Our consulting service adds a vision totally focused on technology and innovation to businesses. Thus, the company will have a specialized professional within the structure. Thinking from the inside out.

Creating products and ideas from within the business itself.

Send a line briefing and we'll return a complete product plan!

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If you have an idea, Orbital helps you from zero to one hundred in four small steps!

Brazil is essentially an entrepreneurial country. Have you ever stopped to think how many Airbnb, Uber, iFood e QuintoAndar the country hasn't stopped creating?

Whoever has a good idea for a digital product is not always from the segment. If not, the biggest challenge is to design and get this idea off the paper.

That's where Startup Services comes in!

Planning › Prototype › Testing › Growth

Here, our goal is “Fail Fast”. If we don't fail, we're on the right path and prove to everyone (especially the entrepreneur) that the idea is possible.>

From the business model to the choice of technology.
This is our vibe!

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Squad as
a Service

Your company leaves the internal team focused on the business, which is what really matters!

If technology is important for the operation and growth of your company, hiring a squad as a service will bring agility, independence and ease to develop modern digital projects and following the latest market trends. With squad on demand you have the advantage of:

Specialization without being a specialist

By hiring a Squad, your company can have experienced professionals from different specialties, such as developer, Product Manager and UX designer, working for your company without changing your focus and losing your identity.

Increased Agility

Think of a traditional business model. Each of the actions depends on more than one sector and, therefore, suffers from many delays. With Squad as a Service this does not happen, as different specialties have greater contact within the teams without having to be a technology company.

Greater productivity

As a result of increased agility, productivity also grows. We have more deliveries in a shorter period of time with management totally focused on the project without interference from other departments.

Control and Monitoring

Management systems and without needing direct contact with the entire team, your company, in the role of Product Owner, follows everything that is being developed by the team in a quick, direct and super objective way.

No specialist HR needed

Only those who hire know how difficult it is to find technical professionals! If software development is not your company's core, having an HR team specialized in recruiting technology professionals is neither an easy nor a productive task. With Squad as a Service, your HR team remains focused on specialized recruitment in the CORE of your business.

If you still don't know if you need an agency, a Squad as a Service or an in-house development team, answer our quiz!

Orbital is able to help with planning processes, project structuring and allocation of exclusive squads to meet the company's digital demands.

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