Dá um help?

Will you also help those in need?

Orbital knows that the world, in addition to innovation, needs minds whose mission is to help!

Dá um help?

With the aim of helping those in need, Orbital created the Dá um Help project.

Every month we do our part by creating a "crowdfunding" of donations that, through a bot on Slack, a volunteer employee is selected to use the money raised and do good for the institution or community that they identify as needing help.

We want to encourage everyone to do their part and help someone with what they can, whether it be donating food, hours of work, jobs, among others.

Helps Completed

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The gesture is small, but if we all do our part, we can change the world.

Instituto Filippo Smaldone Pouso Alegre, Minas Gerais

170+ crianças

— It's great to have the opportunity to do good things as a habit.

Celeiro de Paz and
New Hope São Paulo and Mozambique

50+ families

— I felt very happy to be able to help all this families.

SOS Anjos de Morato Francisco Morato, São Paulo

100+ stray dogs

— Being supportive is taking care of ourselves while taking care of others at the same time. 💓

Casa Rosa
Acolhimento Diário Barra Mansa, Rio de Janeiro

200 patients

— Donation is one of the most beautiful languages of love.

Casa Andréa do Amazonas Manaus, Amazonas

20 seniors

— In addition to being amazing to be able to help, it was even more amazing to know that there are people taking care of our seniors with so much care and commitment.

Rede Voluntária do Hospital A. C. Camargo Cancer Center São Paulo, São Paulo

20 women undergoing cancer treatment

— I am very happy to know that our small donation of turbans for women undergoing cancer treatment helps the patients face this difficult time.

Instituto IPEDS - Projeto Eu Amo Meu Próximo Manaus, Amazonas

200 families

— It was an incredible experience! It is so good to know that someone is taking care of our children after this difficult period.

Lar Jesus Entre as Crianças Osasco, São Paulo

133 children

— It is very gratifying to help people and see that it will really make a difference in the lives of the children.

ONG - A Colmeia East Side, São Paulo

133 children

— I was touched by the children, their eyes shining bright. I convey here the gratitude of everyone in the NGO. We are a team.

Paróquia São João de Brito Brooklin, São Paulo

30 families

— Being responsible for Dá um Help is more than just donating food. It is a way to deliver love to those in need.

Famílias carentes e cuidadores de animais Caieiras e Francisco Morato, São Paulo

29 people
20 dogs
5 cats

— Helping others is like helping yourself become a better person.

CACCC - Cândida Bermejo Camargo Campo Limpo, São Paulo

40 children
40 institution caregivers

— I felt very happy to be able to help the children and their parents.

Bairro Barcelos e Cristo Rei Periferia de Cachoeira do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul

30 people
24 dogs
17 cats

— Bad experiences are easier to tell. A good experience has no words. A feeling of plenitude and lasting happiness.

Do your part

Want to help those in need?

Pix para o dá um help?

Make your donation via PIX using the QR CODE on the side below or through the key d4c9fdd5-ccb7-43fb-b897-77db5f74edae with the amount you can afford.

Dá um help?

After that, if you want to identify yourself, send your name or your company's name through our contact page, and in the monthly results disclosure, we will make an honorable mention in gratitude for your special help!

Every month we publish the project's results on our social media and here.


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