How we do it


We take your idea from a sentence and turn it into a tangible, feasible, and executable plan!

When we talk about methodology, our goal is not to focus on the development process.
Our way is unique!

– Oh, do you use agile methodology?

Yes, of course! Our startup spirit was born Agile. Nothing new there!

What we do differently is starting from the product design. What the market calls the Product Owner, we call the Problem Solver.

Here, this professional helps to take the project from NOTHING to ZERO.

What does that mean?

We can take an idea from a sentence, if necessary, and turn it into a tangible, feasible, and executable plan. That's the trick!

At Orbital, every project has its Minimum Viable Product. No exceptions!

Our focus is always on solving the problem, and of course, we can prioritize testing in order to prove that we are on the right track.

To simplify, it works like this:

1. From Nothing to Zero

We can start from the idea, go through research and plan to turn the dream into something executable.

2. UX & UI

Does the plan make sense? Let's give a little more life to the idea to confirm what needs to be done to solve the problem.

3. Idea Production

a. Develop
b. Analyze
c. Learn

4. Launch

This is where the game begins.

5. Analytics & Data

A good project is a live project!
The biggest terror of creating a project is not its development. It is its continuity.
Our experience in bringing projects to life is characterized by data analysis for decision-making. With the project up and running, count on us to learn more and more from what the data has to teach us.

– Oh, but I don't know how to use these tools!

No problem! We'll teach you!

At Orbital, we manufacture the car and teach you how to drive it. Regardless of the tools necessary to make the car run as smoothly as possible!

Do you want to understand if our methodology fits what you need?
Talk to us!


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